Butt-touching all around

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140921 Happy Birthday our funky funky ChenChen ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

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[140920 TLP IN BEIJING] Yixing said while Lu Han is Beijing Prince, he is Changsha’s Little Pride, and Huang Zitao is Qingdao’s Young Master… Kim Junmyeon is Gangnam style.

cr. 兴萌鹿_嘤嘤贤

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what do i even caption this

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We may not all bias Suho, but we’d all let him smash.

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Taeyang x CL ~

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happy birthday kjd!

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"First example, first kiss, first date, the word first… I think the word first has a great meaning"

These words of yours have stuck with me and as I kept reminiscing about all that’s happened to you since your last birthday it hit me how much you’ve achieved in one year. I’ve said this so many times before, and each time I mean it more than my life, I’m going to say it once again today : I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you!

수고했어 종대아 ! 생일 축하해 !!!!

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SS6 Heechul’s Intro

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and of course Hyukkie’s with him

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